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welcome to the 21unity Blog, where you can find lots of interesting information about our company, the projects we work on and relevant and new information from all around the tech industry. We’ll be hosting interviews with different personalities from our partners, customers and other interesting parts of the business. Our blog is the place to be, if you are interested in OpenPOWER technology, cloud computing, high performance OpenPOWER servers and topics like collaboration and modern working.

21unity is a technology company located in Dieburg, Germany and up to now we have mainly been posting content in German, as the DACH region is our core market for the moment. We have built our own data center based on OpenPOWER technology, are OpenPOWER Foundation Silver Member and we also sell OpenPOWER hardware, either pre-configured, or custom built for our customer’s needs. The cloud, that we have established in our data center offers an out-of-the-box, browser-based collaboration platform, 21unity Collaboration Cloud (built on Nextcloud Enterprise) and we also offer our own ERP system called 21pro. We see ourselves as a modern cloud service and solution provider and want to deliver solutions to our customers, that help them drive their daily business in easy and stress-free ways. Although we are now focusing on platform and hardware business, we have our roots and with that many years of experience, in the consulting business and have always helped our customers drive digital transformation, to modernize the working environment and make workflows and processes better.

Due to public request, I have decided to add a new category to our blog called “International Content”, so I can share interesting content with people from around the globe. Please use this shortcut in the menu on the right-hand side of the blog, to get access to English articles.

Since I love working with the many diverse communities, for example with open-source projects, I am always happy, to collaborate on content, be it a written interview, videos, or any other interesting formats. Please feel free, to leave comments, shoot me a mail or contact me on LinkedIN if you want to create something cool.

Please also feel free, to reach out to us at cloud (at) 21unity.de, if you have any questions about our products or services. We will also be adding English descriptions and pages to our homepage during the next weeks.

Über 21unity Blog

21unity, based in Dieburg, specializes in customized IT solutions for companies. We are a cloud service solution provides and offer an "out-of-the-box" Nextcloud Enterprise with 21unity Collaboration Cloud and our own ERP system with 21pro. Easy-to-use, browser-based solutions for uncomplicated digital collaboration.

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