Putting the pieces together

At 21unity we see ourselves, as experts and consultants for your digital transformation. And to deliver the best customer & user experience, we take the complicated tech side of this transformation and create solutions for you, that are easy to consume and cause zero disruption to your daily business.

We take technology like openPOWER, Kubernetes and Nextcloud and package it in a way, that you can rely on full availability and funtcionality, without having to worry about the back-end system itself. We also deliver a 100% sovereign solution, as we run all our services in our own data center in Dieburg, without any connection to other commercial solutions and providers.

Please view the video below, to see how easy 21unity Cloud, your digital office, is to use:


For more information, pricing, or demo requests, please send a mail to cloud (at) 21unity.de

Über Chris B

Millenial / Marketeer / Community Person: I believe, that technology is the solution to and cause of many of our problems. As millennial i got a first row seat, to seeing how technology became part of our everyday lives and how it helped us as humans to connect, collaborate and create around the globe. I believe in the ethos and principals of communities and open source and hope to be part of using this, to create a sustainable future.

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